Teen Girls Should Be Proud With Natural Skin Color

Confident and respect ourselves properly should be instilled in kids since their young age. Someone skin color which brown have frequently made many people unconfident especially for teens.

The current trend of beauty have made beauty meaning for many people become illogical especially for women. Many women have compete to reach the perfection in their appearance.

There should be something that we should understand that white colored skin is not always mean beautiful. Due to, the beautiful skin is not considered from color but in healthy skin quality and treat properly.
Teen Girls Should Be Proud With Natural Skin Color
According from Rian Surachman, Brand Manager from Clean & Clear Indonesia, there are many teen girls who more confident and feel beautiful when they have white skin. These girls have forget the most important thing which is own a clean and clear skin.

“From the survey we have done, we have found out that Indonesian teens tend have dull skin. There is about 88 percents Indonesian teens who don’t confident with their skin color,” continue Rian in the launching of new product from Clean & Clear.

Rian have suggested all teen girls to have feel comfortable and proud with themselves first because the confident and proud can make them growing steadily in explore their own beauty aspect in inside them.

“They should love their own skin color and no have any attention to change it,” said Rian. Due to that, the best way to have beautiful skin is giving the best treatment to our skin with clean our skin and face regularly and properly to make skin looks clear and not dull.

Tips for Helping Child With Their School Homework

When kids have get a homework from their teacher at school, parents shouldn’t teach them too far because that homework have purpose to make kids learn how to be independent.

“The main purpose from the homework is helping kids to be independent learner,” said Cathy Vatterott, Phd, the education professor at University of Missouri St. Louis. However there are few thing should be done by parents akun Sbobet to helping their kids in doing homeworks.

  • Let Kids Make It as Routines
    When kid have there homeworks, there are the best if you teach them to make it as their routines. With this, kids would know the exactly place and time for them to have their homework.

    “Ask if they have any ideas in making their homework more easier to make,” suggested by Deborah Stipek, PhD, dean from University Stanford Graduate School of Education.

  • You be There to Watching
    When kids have doing their homework, you certainly not need to help them completely. But, you still need at beside them in condition prepare to help them to find the solution and re-check their homework.
  • Keep Routine Communication With Teacher
    Teacher is the parents partner. Due to that, there is very important for you to keep close communication each other. The communication is require by parents to monitoring the agen Sbobet kids development.
  • Let Kids Have Their Own Responsible
    The homework from school is kids responsible and they should finish it by themselves to get the satisfy Teman Judi result. If your kids have complaining, let them handle it by themselves. Then, don’t ever use violence to tell them about their responsible

The Reason Why Millennial Generation Have Side Job

There are a lot of studies and explanations which describe the character from Y generation or millennial generation. There not little people have presume that Y generation have lazy to work and not have any savings. But, there is fact that Y generation judi poker is very understand and smart in doing multitasking job.

Digital era have made everyone have unlimited chance to make more money for adding their monthly income. According to study, millennial generation is a productive employee, either in working time at office or after working time.
The Reason Why Millennial Generation Have Side Job
Most of the millennial generation have characteristic in challenging themselves to become better then their colleague Teman Poker99 with similar age. There are few side job or business which have do by this millennial generation is a start up, online shopping or become blogger/vlogger.

According to Chris Strode, founder of Invoice2go, the side job or business is become excited challenge for this millennial generation. Strode have said that about 30 percents of his clients are the office employee which build the small business and success with that business.

Then, about 22 percents of millennial generation in Australia have choose their side business to enrich themselves daftar poker online and build create more jobs of jobless people. “Many our clients have come from employee background. They build the business in small or medium scale. They still in young age and most of them have goal to develop their business would become their main income in future,” said Strode.

The Reason Why White Guy Prefer To Choose Ugly Asian Women To Become Their Wife

Few Chinese Writer have revealed their analyze about why white guy have prefer Asian women which presume not to beauty? The discussion have take the topics about “Why Do Laowai (foreign or white guy in Chinese) Marry Ugly Chinese Girls?

That topics could looks ridiculous and excessive. However, every women have their own beauty and uniqueness. Beside that words “Beauty” is very relative and depending on every person taste and feel.
The Reason Why White Guy Prefer To Choose Ugly Asian Women To Become Their Wife
According to writer of iFeng Beauty Book, Xu Xiliang, white guy not has any objection if marry with Chinese girls https://www.temanjudi.com which not to attractive because most of those guys are not looking the couple base on its appearance.

“All white guys is looking women deeper inside which base on their characters. Meanwhile, most of Asian guys especially Chinese man who consider women from their beauty and appearance,” said Xu.

Xu have continued that Chinese man who marry women http://www.temanpoker99.com which not enough attractive have frequently presume as loser. Then, other writer name Qing Di have said that American man or European man is not make women beauty and appearance as their top priority.

“White guy have open mindset. They have respect every women, especially women who can accept their way of thinking. Beside that, they is also easy to attracted by women who have large confident. Confident have presume as beauty by white guys,” said Qi.

At last, Qi reminder that generally white guy have saw women appearance from sexy factor http://www.teman4d.com like breast size and buttocks. Beside that, Asian man is not see breast and buttocks as the main factor from attractive women, Asian man have see the beauty quality from their face and body shape which should lean.

The Effect From Excessive Men’s Hormone In Women Body

Androgen is frequently called as “Men’s Hormone” although both of men and women have produce this hormone but in different rate. Women is only need small amount of Androgen which about 1 percent. The excessive from this hormone whould cause many disruption to women health.

Inside women’s body, androgen have produced by adrenal gland and ovary. This hormone have playing role for puberty, the growth of hair in sexual organs and sexual desire. According to dr Budi Wiweko, SpOG(K) have said that excessive of androgen hormone can cause a lot of clinical problem which called with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)
The Effect From Excessive Men's Hormone In Women Body
The other symptoms is on the appear of hair in area of body which generally not overgrown with hair, acne which hard to recover, baldness, fatness and irregular menstruation cycle or menstruation every few months.

“Women who have PCOS, generally would only know their condition after they have medical examination due to hard to get pregnant and disruption in menstruation,” dr Budi. About 10 percents of women have risk to have PCOS. The factor which have increase the risk like genetic factor, hipotiroid, and fatness.

PCOS can be disobeyed because it can effect seriously to health like obesity, hypertension and diabetes. “PCOS can be treat with a combination contraception pill which contain antiandrogen. Generally the pill should be consume for long time period.”

“The pill is also can give to teenager who have hyperandrogen,” close dr Budi Wiweko.