The Younger Couple Can Make Happier, Is It True?

Generally, infidelity have been do by the husband side happened because husband have choose to have this forbidden relation with younger women.

A study to identify this phenomenon have been held to know is it true that new and younger mate can give more happiness than current mate?

The study which published in Evolutionary Psychology have involved 1789 women respondent and 878 men respondent with various sexual orientation. The head of this research, Jan Antfolk want to prove the previous theory which revealed that women have more want to choose the older men as their mate or couple while men have preferred to choose younger women for become their couple.

In fact that, the result of this research from Antfolk have find the men are more preferred the younger women but for sexual intercourse, they have preferred the women with similar ages. The women result is also similar because majority of the women have preferred to have sexual intercourse with the men in similar age.

However, the study is also revealed that infidelity which have reach into sexual intercourse is happen not due to the age factor. The last, Antfolk have said that unhappy marriage generally happen because differentiate in age but more on the character conflict and different perception which can’t be unified again.

Men Or Women Is Happier After Divorce?

The conflicts in the housewives relation which end up with divorce is always hurt and left a depth scar in both of men and women heart. Beside that, divorce is always made both of them not be blamed or regret with the conflicts.

According to the survey for about 2.000 men and women respondent in United States which held by legal service provider, AVVO there are 64 percents women respondent who blame their ex-husband when there are only 44 percents men respondent who have blame their ex-wife.

Why women have come out with more blaming the ex-husband for their divorce? According to Pepper Schwartz PhD, a sexologist and sociologist professor in University of Washington, this condition have been appear because the family tradition and the difference in the way of thinking between gender.

“Most women have raise for not blaming themselves because there are the attitude which shown they are weak when men have not feel manly if blame for their ex-wife,” said Scwartz. Evidently, the result from this survey have reveal the fact that women will feel happier after divorce than men.

There 73 percents women who confess they are not regret with the divorce. Then, 75 percent women have choose to live alone for gain success and happiness then trapped in marriage which make them miserable.

Otherwise, 58 percents men have choose to keep the marriage although they are unhappy with the marriage. “Men is more afraid to live alone especially when they have wife who have take care everything their needs. The funny part from this survey have revealed that men have presume marriage is a old, out-date and boring tradition but they will choose to keep the marriage although their are unhappy with that,” said Schwartz.

In the end, Schwartz have added that women is always priority themselves happiness and not afraid for getting old without couple.

Two Magic Questions Which Can Stop Couple Quarreling

Every romance relation must be have quarrel. Many obstacle can make the relation become weaker or stronger. The newest study have revealed that you should have questioned this two questions when have fight with your couple. Beside that, those two questions is also believe can stronger your relation and minimize the conflicts.

The questions are “Where you want to take this relation in one year ahead?” and the other question is “How my friend can solve and get through this problems?”. The study have recommended you to keep distance with your partners or couple to help you keep the emotion when have conflicts. By keep the distance, you can easier to solve the problem with better way and you are more able to forgive each other.
Two Magic Questions Which Can Stop Couple Quarreling
Beside that, the study which organized by Alex Huynh and Igor Grossman, PhD from Waterloo University and Daniel Yang, PhD from Yale University have also research the benefit from keeping the future perception when couple have quarreling.

The have ask the participant from this survey to remember the newest quarrel with their loved person or closet friends. The two group participants have been asked for remember their feeling about the conflict which just happened.

However, one group have directed to think about their feeling right now when the other group have been directed to consider how their feeling about the conflict one year later. The research team have found the participant have saw their relation with more positive way and easier for forgive when imagine their relation for next one year.

The question is how can both of you imagine the relation in future when have argue each other? Dr. Grossman have recommended the couple not to feel like the victims from the conflicts. “The main problem is when someone have upset or angry. This can decrease someone awareness because they have thing about their current condition,” said Dr. Grossman.

Women, Don’t Fall In Love With Men Age About 29, 39 and 49 Years Old

Don’t turn your face when reality have talking and show you the sign your couple have starting double minded for your relationship with him. Become the independent and smart women by protect yourself from men who only exploit you.

There is undeniable if there a lot of men who thinks they are most handsome in the world but in fact that they is looks ordinary. Generally, men with high confident and tend hallucinate feeling they can get a lot of women.
Women, Don't Fall In Love With Men Age About 29, 39 and 49 Years Old
Due to that, protect yourself from this 4 kind of men which according to scientific research have greater potential to have affair, There is the descriptions,

Tall Men
According to the study which done by researcher in, men with height more than 177 centimeter have higher potential to have affairs with other women than men with height below 177 centimeter.

Men with Age Ended Number 9
The end of age which become the sign of new decade in live of men frequently create unstable feeling and high ego. According to research which initiative by dating site, Ashley Madison to 8 millions men respondent, age with end number 9 have made the men feeling unconfident and optimistic in same time. The result is, there not several from men have contemplation themselves. This can make men looking for new girlfriend. Then, the men who have married would have affair with younger women.

Men Who Active in Social Media
The study which published in Cyberpsychology, Behaviour, and Social Networking have revealed that the desire for have affair or cheating are very high when men very active to spending their time by playing social media.

Those men are not hesitate for looking virtual girlfriend because they believe the virtual relationship is not categorize in cheating or affair.

Men Who Working In Information Technology Field
The study from Ashley Madison to 11.453 respondent which have become father have said that men with profession or working as information technology expert have high probability to do affair.

Recognize The Cause For Swollen Feet When Pregnant

Swollen feet could become ordinary complaint for pregnant mother. Generally the swollen in feet, ankle, arm to hand. The swollen condition is normally happen.

When pregnant, liquid in body would increase to keeping the growth of fetus. However, there something the liquid will slump to the part with a full of indentation and clip like hand or feet. The development of fetus can cause pressure in hips. So, we shouldn’t confuse if the pressure can cause swollen in certain part. Beside this condition, there are few cause of swollen feet should be payed.
Recognize The Cause For Swollen Feet When Pregnant
Beside the liquid, blood is also increase. The increase of blood pressure have make small vein have leak to body tissue near the vein. The accumulation of the liquid have cause the certain part become swollen.

The swollen have also can become the sign if you have high blood pressure or hypertension. The exceeded of salt consumption is also can cause swollen feet. For that, the easting style is also need to be concerned to resolve the swollen feet when pregnant.

The shoes choice is also can cause problem in feet when pregnant. Pregnant mother should choose the flat shoes, soft and not cramped. Choose the most comfortable shoes especially for mother who very active although when pregnant.

The uncomfortable shoes can increase the chance of indentation of liquid in certain area. Raise feet few moments can handle swollen feet condition. Raise the feet for 20 minutes every day will help the liquid circulation to be more swift.

Muffle feet in warm water could help for resolve the cause of swollen feet when pregnant. Warm water can decrease the pressure in vein. There is also need to avoid for standing or sitting in long period.

Sitting in short chair is also need to avoid because it can limited the circulation of liquid in body. You also should avoid walking with bare foot, using too tight socks or letting feet in too hot or cold.